This place is a little, well ... Weird.

You won't find a "traditional" fancy website (which you can build in less than 10 minutes with Squarespace or Wix),

... or an "About Us" page that sounds like a 90's late night infomercial,

Nor a "Million Dollar Real Estate SMS Marketing Blueprint" that helps you put 36 deals under contract over night.

(Give me a break.)

This place is your entry into the World I have built for you,

... a place where you learn how to be a strategic entrepreneur, rather than a "real estate agent."

"Why do you have to be unorthodox? What's your beef with 'conventional wisdom' and 'best practices'?"

I'll tell you why.

Because they work FINE, and that's about it.

If "fine" is what you're ok with, then fine.

Forget about buying that vacation home in San Diego or upgrading to that shiny Maybach. Live your mediocre life.

Most importantly, you'd probably want to stop digging deeper into this World,

... because you'll most likely be offended by my slap on mediocracy.

But if you know, deep down, that you're not nearly close to reaching full potential, then you'll feel home here,

... because that's what we're all about here: zag when most people zig - do bold things, and make shit happen,

... all by working smarter, NOT harder.

"So where do I start?"

Good question.

Read Hero's Adventure for Real Estate Agents.

You'll know how to proceed when you finish.

We'll go from there.

Good to have you here.



"Less but Better"

Meticulously crafted in the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, by your truly. On an audacious quest to impart values that make real differences. Hope to have you on this journey. You be the Hero; I'm the Guide.

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